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The Apollo 10 spacecraft had audio recordings inside of the ship that would record all conversations while the crew was traversing across the far side of the moon. This audio data was then communicated back to NASA after the spacecraft returned into communicable space. The recordings were classified until 2008. Jun 29, 2018 · The Apollo 10 mystery sound remained hidden from the public until very recently when, in 2008, NASA were contractually bound to declassify everything and release a full transcript of the recordings. Commander Thomas P. Stafford, Command Module Pilot John W. Young, and Lunar Module Pilot Eugene A. Cernan were one hundred and two hours into space. Was it Pink Floyd? Listen to newly released Nasa audio of mysterious 'music' Apollo 10 astronauts heard on the far side of the moon. While orbiting the moon in 1969, the Apollo 10 team heard. The Apollo 10 astronauts allegedly heard a weird "outer space" music playing on their headsets while they were on the far side of the moon in May 1969, based on declassified NASA audio recording.

Mysterious “Music” Spooked Apollo 10 Astronauts Archival audio reveals eerie sounds heard by astronauts on the dark side of the moon The Apollo 10 lunar module prepares for redocking. Feb 22, 2016 · Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, in a book published years later, said the noise was just interference between the lunar module and command module's VHF. Buy AnyTone APOLLO I 10 Meter Amateur Radio for truck, LCD display and function key in microphone, AM PEP power over 17W: Fixed-mount CB Radios -FREE.

APOLLO series 10″, 12” and 15” woofers are punchy and loud; the 1.35” compression driver delivers crystal clear sound. Built-in DSP allows you to select from 4 preset programs Live, DJ, Speech and Monitor to easily get your sound that you require for your event. Apollo 10, the second lunar voyage, was that "in between" flight that the public seems to forget due to the accomplishment of Apollo 8 in first reaching the Moon and Man's first landing on another world during Apollo 11. Even so, this flight was groundbreaking in that this was the first time the lunar module LM would be used in lunar orbit. Apollo 10 was a May 1969 human spaceflight, the fourth crewed mission in the United States Apollo program, and the second after Apollo 8 to orbit the Moon.It was the F mission: a "dress rehearsal" for the first Moon landing, testing all the components and procedures just short of actually landing.Astronauts Thomas Stafford and Gene Cernan flew the Apollo Lunar Module LM to a descent orbit. Feb 21, 2016 · Apollo 10 Audio — Publicly Available Since 1970s Recent news articles have reported that “newly declassified” audiotapes reveal that Apollo 10 astronauts heard “outer-spacey” music as the spacecraft flew around the far side of the moon in 1969.

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