Brush Cherry Tree -

Syzygium, Australian Brush Cherry, Scrub Cherry, Magenta.

Brush cherry is a pretty shrub and fruit native to the eastern Australia with medium size tree located in the coastal region and used to prepare jams and jellies. These evergreen trees are quick maturing and look pretty all year round having several flushes of quite spectacular reddish new growth, bear white cotton ball flowers which eventually become cherry sized, shiny, magneta fruit at least twice yearly. The quite palatable fruit is.

Brush cherry creates shade for a patio or deck, but will not grow to the large, often overpowering size of a large tree such as a fig. They can be used along streets, in highway medians, and in parking lots because they adapt to small soil spaces and do not become very large. I planted 7 Brush Cherry's at my brother's home in Moreno Valley CA in very granitic soil. They were in 5 gallons and against a block wall getting the afternoon sun. They are thriving during the 5 years since their original planting as a row hedge. He pruned the bottom so that just the trunk was showing. He did not water it regularly. The Syzygium australe Brush Cherry is A compact shrub which can be kept to around 3m tall and 1m wide. Syzygium paniculatum.Botanical Name: Syzygium paniculatum. Common Names: Australian jamboree, brush cherry. Categories: Trees. Description: A beautiful, fast-growing, upright tree with glossy foliage; new growth is coppery. It bears creamywhite flowers in.

Lilly Pilly, Brush Cherry. A native Australian tree with green ovate leaves which turn darker as they mature. It produces a dense cover of white flowers followed by red berries which are edible. This is a Lilly Pilly ideal for screens and hedges as it can be shaped. This broadleaf evergreen shrub, sometimes called brush cherry, is native to Asia but grows well in U.S. hardiness zones 10-11. Continue reading to learn about growing Eugenia shrubs for a privacy hedge, as well as Eugenia hedge care. Eugenia Shrubs for Privacy Hedge.

Eugenia is a glossy leaved shrub or tree, which is often used as a hedge or privacy barrier. The Australian brush cherry is a lovely screening plant that is useful in any area where temperatures do not fall below 25 F. -3 C.. It makes an excellent potted plant or you can prune it severely and use it as a low border in formal garden settings. Which is Best for Your Garden - a dwarf cherry tree or a cherry shrub? For generations, there was no such thing as a dwarf cherry tree. Instead, cherry trees came in one size only and that size was "large". Cherry trees can be huge, up to three stories high. But if you have a small garden and no space for a full sized tree, what can you do? Eugenia, or sometimes know as Syzygium paniculatum, can be kept as a hedge or small tree and will grow very upright and columnar. Great for property lines where dense screening is needed and will make a very attractive tightly pruned hedge.

Syzgium paniculatum.The Brush cherry is a large group of plants, many native to Australia and warmer regions of the world. The long dark green leaves are approximately three inches in length very glossy and thick. The new growth is tinged with red and is very colorful. Flowers of Dwarf brush cherry are approximately one-half to one inch in size and are bright white and fuzzy. Syzygium paniculatum, the magenta lilly pilly or magenta cherry, is a species of flowering plant in the myrtle family Myrtaceae, native to New South Wales, Australia. A broad dense bushy rainforest tree, it grows to a height of 15 m 49 ft with a trunk diameter up to 35 cm 14 in. With their dense growth habit and evergreen foliage, Eugenias, including dwarf brush cherry Eugenia myrtifolia "Compactus" and "Monterey Bay" brush cherry Eugenia myrtifolia "Monterey Bay.

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