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Have Got - is used only when have is used a main verb in present tense. Do you use Got Past Tense instead of Have which is I think present tense ? I know both sentences have same meaning: I "got" some good news for you. I have some good news for you. We kn. perfect tense: they use has and have and these forms are followed by a past participle one of the two past participles of get -- got and gotten.

Apr 15, 2009 · The verb 'got' is the simple past tense of the verb 'get'. The verb 'have got' is the present perfect tense. The past tense of 'have got' is had gotten. Example: I have got a lot of errands. To have - past simple Worksheets - handouts. Video: had - past tense. To have - affirmative. To have - negative. To have - questions. To have - mixed forms. To have - past. Worksheets - handouts. Home. Content. To have - exercises Past simple - hadnot available for all phones. Hi thyngoc1985, You're right that have got looks like the present perfect.But in this context possession of something, it's present tense, and means the same as have - you can say Nick hasn't got a map or Nick doesn't have a map and they both mean the same thing. But have got can't be used like this in the past - have a look at the page above.

Using "Have Got to" in Present, Past, and Future. Most modal verbs behave quite irregularly in the past and the future. Study the chart below to learn how "have got to" behaves in different contexts. This is a reference page for get verb forms in present, past and participle tenses. Find conjugation of get. Check past tense of get here. Aug 16, 2018 · Have/has = used with the past participle to form the past tense we call the "present perfect" tense. has =used with 3rd person singular; have = used with all the rest. I have seen that movie twice now. He has not yet arrived.

In American and Canadian English, the past participle of the verb get is usually gotten. For example, we might say, “I have gotten behind on my work,” or, “The book was not gotten easily.”. Dec 17, 2013 · The past tense of get is got. For isn't a verb and so doesn't have a past tense. The past tense of has is had. Had is already the past tense. The past tense of have is had.

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